Raccoon 5 | 70 + 90
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70 + 90

70 + 90

2 favorite summer trends and I can't decide which one to go with...

So you all know what a big shot 70ties have this summer with open shoulder dresses and blouses, with flares and big sunglasses, festival boho and lace… However, it’s really everything what I love.
But then the 90ties has come over too – besides the grungy look and sneakers what I love there’s something from a childhood too. You must remember yourself as a teenage wearing a tattoo choker what was goth but not too goth, trendy as hell. While rest of the Gothic people wore a dog spiked choker necklaces. Still – boys liked to stretch it and it hurt but you felt like the coolest kid on the block. Hmm… how cool was that!
Time passed and few years back I had possibly best laugh until tears when hanging with my girlfriends we remembered the weirdest fashion piece – a plastic choker.
Well – it has come back with a 90ties hit. An extraordinarily particular fashion statement that is never really going to make any sense, but represents the time when being cool was as simple as having a tattoo choker.

And here’s what happened when 2 of your fave trends have united in one outfit…

Outift details
Blouse, denim / Lindex, backpack / Zara, sunglasses / Chloe, choker / Stradivarius, watch / Daniel Wellington, sneakers / Converse