Raccoon 5 | A must see fashion illustration exhibition in Parnu
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A must see fashion illustration exhibition in Parnu

The magic of fashion illustration lies in its paradox, mirroring the modern consumer society on one hand, and remaining true to the fundamental values of the general European drawing tradition on the other hand - Toomas Volkmann / Curator

If you are looking for a good reason to go on a road trip to Parnu, Estonia – here it is! The newly renovated Parnu Museum with an extraordinary fashion illustration exhibition.
You will be amazed by those drawings, so there’s no excuse – specially if you’re living in Estonia : )
I have shared quite many illustrations to you but believe me – it’s not even half. So – plan a little road trip to catch the opportunity to see this. “New Nordic Fashion Illustration vol 2” gathers illustrations of 21 Nordic artists and the selection of their works that has more commercial nature. Some of those drawings have been used as prints to complete the collections of Nike, Stella McCartney etc. Hurry up, the exhibition will be at Parnu Museum until 10th of April.
PS – I have to mention that my absolute favorite was Estonian illustrator Britt Samoson.