Raccoon 5 | Berlin – foodies ‘ paradise
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Berlin – foodies ‘ paradise

Big cities are the paradise for all foodies and Berlin was no exception!

As always, we can’t get over food. So we tried many different cool places that you shouldn’t miss next time when you are in Berlin. On the top of the Bikini Berlin is a restaurant Neni which has great views and food and across the hall from it is Monkey Bar – both are definitely worth a visit. For breakfast and brunch we were mostly addicted to a hipster temple House of Small Wonder where you just want to order most of the things in the menu and can barely move after finishing breakfast. Spreegold near Aleksanderplatz is must visit too, probably the most visited brunch restaurant among young hipster Berliners.

Berlin also hides several food markets which pop up on certain weekdays and the experience there is amazing. We visited one – Markethall in Kreuzberg area, the most hipster street food market takes place on Thursday evenings. The place is crowded but the experience is amazing, from different wines and cocktails to fresh oysters and exotic cuisine. The Kreuzberg area is also paradise for authentic food cafes like Turkish, Vietnamese, Moroccan, street burger places as well as vegetarian and raw vegan restaurants in many different choices and very reasonable price.

Asian fusion is something that we can’t say no to…. Between the two of us we usually enjoy all the foods that they
can offer. We are just the perfect vegetarian and food freak who doesn’t eat half of the things combo. But Asian-Vietnamese mix always works. The most perfect place to enjoy sushi and stuff in Berlin is DUDU. Cool setting in the small garden in a busy street and excellent food.

Ice cream at least three times a day in Berlin is also mandatory. Check!