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Bonjour à tous

Bonjour à tous
Being Parisian is not about being born in Paris, it's about being reborn there. - Sacha Guitry / French actor

There is a saying – either you are a London person or a Paris person. And that you can find out after visiting both cities.. It’s not only about the sense of fashion or love for cuisine but the overall feeling what makes you feel you’re at home. Literally, you feel like this is where you meant to be. And it sounds so cliché, I know, but I truly felt it. Paris is the city where I belong to.
I could talk ages about all those nice experiences but you all know that already. Therefore I will let you enjoy images of Paris from my point of view : )
And yes, I am 30 now. My dear husband gave me this trip as 30ties birthday present, it was the most unforgettable way to celebrate this age and I truly feel like I am reborn in Paris : )

Outfit details

Dress, hat, sunglasses / Lindex, shoes, bag / Zara, coat / HM x Balmain