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Cool Berlin

Cool Berlin

This hipstery city is the coolest city break destination.

Would you like to hear about our Berlin trip? Yes.. we hoped so! This hipstery city is the coolest city break destination. We chose it initially to go to the Coldplay concert and then decided to spend some more time there to chill & shop & eat… not necessarily in that order : ) Read more about restaurants and food in previous post but now…

First things first, Coldplay is pretty genius. Definitely a band in our top 3 that you must see live list. Amazing show and experience. And we just have to say that Germans are a much more impressive crowd compared to conservative Baltics audience : )

When in Berlin you just have to do some tourist traps and sightseeing to understand the history behind the city that was re-built after the war. And when football season is in full mode then the best place to watch a game in the evening is at the Fanmeile close to Brandenburger Tor. It will be crowded to the max when German team is playing. If you want to get inspired by architecture then the Cathedral of Berlin is the place to visit and get overwhelmed by. Not to bore you with the list of all the places you can just check the pictures and recognize them.

Surprisingly, shopping was not on top of our priority list but it doesn’t mean that we didn’t pop in to the Mall of Berlin or inspiring street shops and made sure that there is no air travelling back in our luggage : )