Raccoon 5 | Foodies
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Our second favorite F-word after FASHION is definitely FOOD!

Can somebody here honestly say that eating is not their favorite thing to do when you know that beach season is far far away and you can easily get away with baggy clothes? : ) We sure are foodies and love to spend the cold evenings in places that serve great food and have inspiring interior. 3 pavāru restorāns in Riga old town fits the profile. At every age playing with food sounds like a fun thing to do so it made us happy that after a busy day somebody brought all colorful jams and oils and bread to play with. Main courses were delicious and we were quite full after that but saying “NO” to a dessert would have taken too much willpower so instead we said “YES, OF COURSE”. Quite sure that we will be there again soon… playing with food.