Raccoon 5 | Haunted by History. Wild by Presence.
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Haunted by History. Wild by Presence.

It is about street art on every roller shutter, Catalonian flags and people with their dogs...

Barcelona… I’m not going to waste your time too much by describing my feelings about this city since most of you have been here anyway. But for those who haven’t yet – please add it to your Must Travel plans asap!
Shortly – Wilderness, Careless and Bohemian would be my three favorite descriptive words. And please don’t judge me if I see the city in a different way than some of you might see. I know that is has an amazing Antonio Gaudi architecture and parks and La Rambla after all but that wasn’t what hit me the most. It was more about street art on every roller shutter & Catalonian flags hanging on balconies with colorful clothes on dryers. It was about skateboarders and shaggy Tapas Bars, street music & cheap wine. It was about people and their dogs…
And with all the bohemian spirit it has become one of those cities where I can actually imagine myself living in : )