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Hike & Fog

Hike & Fog
We feel very grateful if the weather is nice. If not - we don't care and we go out - because if you're going to wait for a good weather to do fun, you will simply stay at home most of the time.

No matter that weather conditions shows 60% rain – if the plan is to hike, then we hike. It’s the company and warm hiking boots what makes you feel good anyway : )

After couple of hours I wasn’t so optimistic – we were all wet, cold and a little lost with our best friend – Google Maps. Meanwhile an old Irishman with a very nervous dog gave us an advice to go back where we started not to get lost completely. But we continued.
It was supposed to be marvelous scenery with lakes and valleys but all we saw was fog and a little bit of road few meters in front of us. That was the hike in Wicklow Mountains – 4 hours hike to get to the Dublin’s highest and oldest Pub – Johnnie Fox’s. When we finally got there – wet, pale blue, shaking hands, running noses and covered in mud I felt a bit uncomfortable to go in… But the best part of Irish pubs are that nobody cares – they serve you an Irish coffee and make you feel very comfortable even if you’re covered in mud. That’s Johnnie Foxe’s after all – an old soul of Irish culture.

PS – I was nicely surprised to see framed picture of Estonian president on Johnnie Fox’s celebrity visitor wall next to Brad Pit and Robbie Williams
: )

Outfit details

Inguna is wearing parka, sweater, scarf, sunglasses / Lindex, denim / H&M, boots / Adidas, backpack / Parfois