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The place where the finest and most thrilling LOCAL CREATORS gather to innovate, share their passion and sell their creations for you...

The description on the wall says everything – as simple as it is. And just a week ago newly opened Lithuanian design store has become my favorite shopping destination in Vilnius. /GO9 shopping mall, Gedimino pr. 9, 3rd floor/
Sadly I had so little time that I couldn’t explore more but I already can’t wait the next time I’ll be in Vilnius to get my hands on those precious design pieces.
It is first selective local designers store in Vilnius that offers a full design collections not just a single garments that usually design boutiques offer. To my impression – looks more like a design department store. Collections are selected wisely – to fit the creative idea and I’d say expected quality – a mandatory for design concept store as LOCALS.LT.
You will appreciate the high quality visual merchandising, good service and wide range of garments. From fashion to accessories, to home design – every section is pure perfection. To my surprise – very affordable. And that quality! – you simply have to taste it.
The interior design is worth to be highlighted itself. Just scroll up those images once again – the colors, the mix of textures and details – what can I say, a very good taste : )
I guess I found my new favorite Lithuanian fashion designers – KRISTINA KRUOPIENYTE and 2RU2RA and felt a bit ashamed that I haven’t paid enough attention to what is up right now in fashion business in our neighbor country. The newcomers are pretty impressive too. I will search deeper now… I’m hooked!

Yeah yeah, I know it all sounds so overwhelmed and overexcited but what can I do – I am inspired! I can’t help myself : )
If you want a fine dose of inspiration too – this is the place to be!