Raccoon 5 | Must-go cafe in Riga
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Must-go cafe in Riga

We live for the days when your safe-food-places are closed and you are forced by your empty stomach to try the place next door!

Usually it is so that after a busy day and normal time lunch by 8 PM all you can think about is food. And since 6 PM you have been scanning your favorite dinner places in your head to decided where to eat. The last 30 minutes you have been practicing ordering your favorite dish in your head (NOODLES, PLEASE!). And then the catastrophe happens… the sign “CLOSED on Mondays”! And we believe that many of you can relate to the disappointment of that moment : ) Finally, after 2 minutes you remember that you are still hungry as hell and decide to take the biggest risk and choose the next CLOSEST place. Yes, that happened! But sometimes, when you are lucky, that can turn into a great discovery of a small art cafe called Rasols! Latvians are well aware of the meaning of the name but for all others – this means the old school potato salad. That’s the place to go to in Riga if you are looking for rasols… or anything else tasty. Besides the food we can guarantee the daily inspo of interior design & art. Definitely a must-go in Riga.