Raccoon 5 | Nerdies’ Paradise
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Nerdies’ Paradise

It's were I got my inspiration for a soul...

I’m the nerdie here (I have to put it straight at the beginning). Scrolling down the walkways and halls with my mouth wide open in an amazement, with my backpack and sneakers like a typical college preppy geek, and a museum map in the arms, not to miss a thing on my “Must See” list. Not a typical nerdie, of course, but in my own way, mixing my favorite 70ties influences…
Talking about Musee du Louvre – I am not sure what impressed me more, the building itself or a size, or an art… I guess most of the time I was keeping my eyes up on the ceiling admiring the architecture and walls, and pillars while rest of the people were enjoying an art.
I sat by an old man watching him drawing a sketch of an ancient Greek sculpture and none of us bothered each other. I guess everyone of us got some sort of peace for a soul here.
Suddenly the streets of Paris seemed different after leaving Louvre, as well as I felt different myself. And only then I realized what means the inspiration for a soul – a true amazement of a beauty that makes you feel fulfilled.

Outfit details

Top / H&M, skirt / Topshop, backpack / Zara, sneakers / Converse, sunglasses / Chloe, coat / HM x Balmain