Raccoon 5 | “Next in the row” challenge
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“Next in the row” challenge

I have been shopping all my life and still have nothing to wear

I am too familiar with “nothing to wear” days… I almost feel like I am meeting this challenge every single morning. And besides that, in most of the cases I have to solve the challenge in a pretty short time. So I decided to make it a bit more fun – every time I have “nothing to wear” I will take next item on hanger in a row in my wardrobe rack and style it according to season. Benefits? You don’t have to loose time on decision making and ending up wearing same favorite jeans every time (not a bad idea either). Plus – you can really wear all clothes what you have, instead of waiting for the right day to come… that sometimes never comes.
PS – I have to mention that you need some slack in this challenge, for example – SKIP ONE or so… Just in case : )
However, this is the outfit I ended up after taking this challenge.

Outfit details

Jacket, necklace / Lindex, top, skirt / H&M, bag / Obag, sunglasses / Chloe, sneakers / Converse