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Haunted by History. Wild by Presence.

It's hard to write about a city that everyone knows so well and yourself have fell in love with from the very first visit, probably as many before. But I believe that everyone shares very different views about it. Why don't you just scroll down the images and try to catch the feeling that I've got and maybe get an inspiration for your next weekend trip.

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Cool Berlin
Would you like to hear about our Berlin trip? Yes.. we hoped so! This hipstery city is the coolest city break destination. We chose it initially to go to the Coldplay concert and then decided to spend some more time there to chill & shop & eat… not necessarily in that order : )
Berlin – foodies ‘ paradise
As always, we can’t get over food. So we tried many different cool places that you shouldn’t miss next time when you are in Berlin.
The bomb: bomber jacket
This season's must have is definitely the bomber jacket. We are obsessed with these Lindex bomber jackets what come in two colors - khaki and pink.
The place where the finest and most thrilling LOCAL CREATORS gather to innovate, share their passion and sell their creations for you...
70 + 90
A fashion piece that reminds you being a teenage girl - a weirdo choker necklace that many still won't get, true, and an open shoulder 70ties blouse - a key piece that will look good on all ages. This time combined in one outfit.
Helsinki City Break
FullSizeRender 3
City breaks are always a good idea so we had one! Helsinki is a pretty cool city to hang out and it was especially interesting cause we got to do it with our favourite Finnish Fashionista Pia who really took us to the best places. Flea market at the back of Kaupa Halli is a really inspirational place and with some patience, good eye and a bit of luck you can come across some pearls (literally as well).
Great tastes in Kaunas
In recent weeks we have done some heavy travelling in Baltics and also tested quite a lot of new restaurants that we haven't been to before. Lithuania has been great to us and our absolute favorite was a restaurant in Kaunas called Rezisierius, an Asian food lounge. As the name of the place already gives away the theme of the restaurant is about movies and the interior design was just so on point that it would be hard to come up with something better.
Golden sparkles and sun reflecting details are our best friends now!
Restaurant Week in Pärnu
Restaurant Week in Pärnu is the perfect (pre)start to Pärnu's Summer! It is all about being fearless (and fierce) and trying new things so Pärnu Restaurant week that ended on Sunday has been a great challenge. Althouhgh, we have our favorite restaurants and cafes in Pärnu then it was fun to leave the comfort zone for some meals and try out new places.