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Haunted by History. Wild by Presence.

It's hard to write about a city that everyone knows so well and yourself have fell in love with from the very first visit, probably as many before. But I believe that everyone shares very different views about it. Why don't you just scroll down the images and try to catch the feeling that I've got and maybe get an inspiration for your next weekend trip.

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“Next in the row” challenge
Here's the story about all girls everyday struggle - I don't have anything to wear. And my way trying to solve this problem with a bit creative approach.
Leave it behind…
Have you ever felt to enjoy the weekend despite the all things that was planned to be done and felt happier making this decision? Well, here's a day like this of mine :)
Raccoon 5 hearts Sienna Miller
Sienna Miller is the face of Lindex Spring campaign 2016 and also one of our favorite style icons. On top of that she has played the lead in the coolest movie Factory Girl, she has the perfect hair color and really strong signature style and of course she has dated Jude Law : ) Those are all the reasons why we love Sienna and the boho style clothes that she wears in the latest Lindex campaign. We couldn’t stay away from the beautiful Seventies style boho garments and were firsts in line to check the cool outfit options that we could wear in the Summer festivals.
Sun is out…
Hope you all are enjoying the nice weather and the holidays as much as we are!
A bit of white
It seems that black jeans and different colors of Converses are becoming one of our signature looks. And again our bottom halves matched : ) Even though Spring is here in calendars we will keep wearing black skinny jeans as the snow is out again. The hint of white and blue will balance out the look.
Sneakers Manifest
Here comes our fight against the winter!
A must see fashion illustration exhibition in Parnu
If you are looking for a good reason to go on a road trip to Parnu, Estonia - here it is! The newly renovated Parnu Museum with an extraordinary fashion illustration exhibition.
stressed but well dressed – read my sunglasses
It is so hard to dress during this pre-Spring kind of season because the weather is unpredictable. One of us has opened the leather-jacket-season and the other just bought new Uggs today : ) Monday was still freezing so the warm coat was totally necessary but as the sun was out - so were the yeezys. And also statement sunglasses - stressed but well dressed!
Vintage Spring
If I should describe my favorite photography style - I couldn't decide either it's black&white or vintage... If combining those two - it's simply a perfect mix!