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Haunted by History. Wild by Presence.

It's hard to write about a city that everyone knows so well and yourself have fell in love with from the very first visit, probably as many before. But I believe that everyone shares very different views about it. Why don't you just scroll down the images and try to catch the feeling that I've got and maybe get an inspiration for your next weekend trip.

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Meet the Yeezys
Probably these are the most hyped sneakers ever and many people don’t understand the buzz that has been going on since they were first made available... or kind of available... but we sure love them. Firstly, we need to define available... this should mean that you can buy them if you wish but this is not really the story when it comes to Yeezys. They are “available” as they have been released but in reality these are either sold out, neve were in stock, never will be in stock or a fourth option that is as “available” as the previous options.
Can somebody here honestly say that eating is not their favorite thing to do when you know that beach season is far far away and you can easily get away with baggy clothes? : ) We sure are foodies and love to spend the cold evenings in places that serve great food and have inspiring interior. 3 pavāru restorāns in Riga old town fits the profile.
Hike & Fog
It was supposed to be marvelous scenery with lakes and valleys but all we saw was fog and a little bit of road few meters in front of us.
Sale season – one of our favorite seasons
It's like the holidays are continuing! Who wouldn't enjoy a great sale period after the holidays?! If you didn't get that pair of shoes under the tree that you were secretly dreaming about then now is the perfect opportunity to make yourself a present... or two.
Where are the fireworks?
Dublin is truly yours if your favorite song is "Whisky in the jar", you enjoy sound of the banjo, love Guinness and never wear tights : )
Cold weather guide
Cold weather is the de-fashionizer of all inspiring outfits. You just want to slip into your UGG boots and wrap a blanket around to keep you warm. Well... that's the weekend look : )
Styling knits
We are obsessed with all kinds of knits this season. They are the "heroes" of most outfits now. If it is warm enough you can even skip the coat or jacket and just wear a thick knit.
Happy New Year!
LET YOUR DREAMS be-page-001
Happy New Year darlings! May tthe 2016 be the most wonderful of them all!
Fall Extended
It’s the stylelovers favorite season – warm fallish winter. Jackets, thick knits and light coats are the key items that we love to wear. And if the pictures look kind of retro then they are supposed to : )