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Haunted by History. Wild by Presence.

It's hard to write about a city that everyone knows so well and yourself have fell in love with from the very first visit, probably as many before. But I believe that everyone shares very different views about it. Why don't you just scroll down the images and try to catch the feeling that I've got and maybe get an inspiration for your next weekend trip.

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We want to share our excitement and amazement about the coolest new place in Riga where to get inspired and gather positive vibes... perhaps not even new but kind of an old new – it’s the main building of Latvian National Museum of Art that just finished the renovation and was pre-opened without any exhibitions or pieces for short period just for the people to see the building – the masterpiece. Even without the art in it you will just be overwhelmed with the perfect mix of contemporary and tradition.
Merry Xmas
Merry Xmas darlings!
New Blog in Town
We are so excited to launch our new style blog and start this new adventure together. We hope that you all will join us and enjoy our daily inspirations about style, travels and cuisine that we will share with you.