Raccoon 5 | Restaurant Week in Pärnu
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Restaurant Week in Pärnu

Restaurant Week in Pärnu is the perfect (pre)start to Pärnu's Summer!

It is all about being fearless (and fierce) and trying new things so Pärnu Restaurant week that ended on Sunday has been a great challenge. Althouhgh, we have our favorite restaurants and cafes in Pärnu then it was fun to leave the comfort zone for some meals and try out new places. Best dishes have ended up in the pictures so thanks to restaurants Piparmünt and Eagle for cooking yum food.

Now, about that Eagle… I think that not everybody knows about the new and cool golf club Eagle that is just outside Pärnu. The place and scenery are just amazing and I bleive this place will be the main hangout place during this Summer. The restaurant needs to just add Coca Cola Zero to their menu and it’s a win : ) Definitely a place to go if you want to play golf, enjoy the beach, walk in the woods or eat in a restaurant. And if you are thinking about trying some new activity or learning new skills then we recommend golf : )