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Running challenge accepted
Hey all you beautiful and sporty people! If you are following us in FB and Instagram then you definitely have noticed that we have got obsessed with running and posting about this recently. We are excited to be part of Musli Graci’s running team on 7th May Women’s Run in Riga and we have been training all together with a group of inspiring and cool women for six weeks. To have the best performance on 7th of May we all have been training in DCH studija with our favorite trainer Ralfs Upmanis. During these six weeks we have been also regularly running several times a week and it has become quite addictive.
Meet the Yeezys
Probably these are the most hyped sneakers ever and many people don’t understand the buzz that has been going on since they were first made available... or kind of available... but we sure love them. Firstly, we need to define available... this should mean that you can buy them if you wish but this is not really the story when it comes to Yeezys. They are “available” as they have been released but in reality these are either sold out, neve were in stock, never will be in stock or a fourth option that is as “available” as the previous options.
Hike & Fog
It was supposed to be marvelous scenery with lakes and valleys but all we saw was fog and a little bit of road few meters in front of us.