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Wine is bottled Poetry
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Hidden from the busy streets of central Tartu the small and cozy restaurant JOP Antonius is a trendy yet quiet place for leisurely evenings with friends and loved ones
Berlin – foodies ‘ paradise
As always, we can’t get over food. So we tried many different cool places that you shouldn’t miss next time when you are in Berlin.
Great tastes in Kaunas
In recent weeks we have done some heavy travelling in Baltics and also tested quite a lot of new restaurants that we haven't been to before. Lithuania has been great to us and our absolute favorite was a restaurant in Kaunas called Rezisierius, an Asian food lounge. As the name of the place already gives away the theme of the restaurant is about movies and the interior design was just so on point that it would be hard to come up with something better.
Restaurant Week in Pärnu
Restaurant Week in Pärnu is the perfect (pre)start to Pärnu's Summer! It is all about being fearless (and fierce) and trying new things so Pärnu Restaurant week that ended on Sunday has been a great challenge. Althouhgh, we have our favorite restaurants and cafes in Pärnu then it was fun to leave the comfort zone for some meals and try out new places.
Must-go cafe in Riga
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Usually it is so that after a busy day and normal time lunch by 8 PM all you can think about is food. And since 6 PM you have been scanning your favorite dinner places in your head to decided where to eat. The last 30 minutes you have been practicing ordering your favorite dish in your head (NOODLES, PLEASE!). And then the catastrophe happens...
Can somebody here honestly say that eating is not their favorite thing to do when you know that beach season is far far away and you can easily get away with baggy clothes? : ) We sure are foodies and love to spend the cold evenings in places that serve great food and have inspiring interior. 3 pavāru restorāns in Riga old town fits the profile.