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Running challenge accepted
Hey all you beautiful and sporty people! If you are following us in FB and Instagram then you definitely have noticed that we have got obsessed with running and posting about this recently. We are excited to be part of Musli Graci’s running team on 7th May Women’s Run in Riga and we have been training all together with a group of inspiring and cool women for six weeks. To have the best performance on 7th of May we all have been training in DCH studija with our favorite trainer Ralfs Upmanis. During these six weeks we have been also regularly running several times a week and it has become quite addictive.
Urban grunge
Golden sparkles and sun reflecting details are our best friends now!
“Next in the row” challenge
Here's the story about all girls everyday struggle - I don't have anything to wear. And my way trying to solve this problem with a bit creative approach.
Leave it behind…
Have you ever felt to enjoy the weekend despite the all things that was planned to be done and felt happier making this decision? Well, here's a day like this of mine :)
Sun is out…
Hope you all are enjoying the nice weather and the holidays as much as we are!
stressed but well dressed – read my sunglasses
It is so hard to dress during this pre-Spring kind of season because the weather is unpredictable. One of us has opened the leather-jacket-season and the other just bought new Uggs today : ) Monday was still freezing so the warm coat was totally necessary but as the sun was out - so were the yeezys. And also statement sunglasses - stressed but well dressed!
Vintage Spring
If I should describe my favorite photography style - I couldn't decide either it's black&white or vintage... If combining those two - it's simply a perfect mix!
Must-go cafe in Riga
FullSizeRender 4
Usually it is so that after a busy day and normal time lunch by 8 PM all you can think about is food. And since 6 PM you have been scanning your favorite dinner places in your head to decided where to eat. The last 30 minutes you have been practicing ordering your favorite dish in your head (NOODLES, PLEASE!). And then the catastrophe happens...
We welcome spring with color…
FullSizeRender (2)
...yes, tan is a color at least on our color palette