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Haunted by History. Wild by Presence.
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It's hard to write about a city that everyone knows so well and yourself have fell in love with from the very first visit, probably as many before. But I believe that everyone shares very different views about it. Why don't you just scroll down the images and try to catch the feeling that I've got and maybe get an inspiration for your next weekend trip.
Paris days
Paris is one of our favorite cities of all times. The global center for art, fashion, gastronomy and culture and a place where you want to go back before you even leave. We will not bother you with all the landmarks that we love and how fascinated we are with fashion designers from Paris… as you probably know it all already. But there are some cool places to go and see…
Cool Berlin
Would you like to hear about our Berlin trip? Yes.. we hoped so! This hipstery city is the coolest city break destination. We chose it initially to go to the Coldplay concert and then decided to spend some more time there to chill & shop & eat… not necessarily in that order : )