Raccoon 5 | Urban grunge
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Urban grunge

Urban grunge

It's those days when you want to go on a road trip, listen to some fine grunge and be yourself with no limits!

Now when I’m sitting on a bus on my way to Tallinn I can relax for the first time since I came back home from my big road trip in September. Work has been quite hectic and you all know how it is when you have to manage all things within your busy days – work, meet friends and family, take care of yourself and not forget about your hobbies too. And sometimes “not managing” can lead you to a good things. Like me, today : ) Snow was promised on a weather forecasts in Tallinn and apparently I haven’t been focused enough on the tiny little issue about winter tires… It was quite a shock since I thought I still have a time. But now, sitting here in a cozy bus, drinking my coffee, I feel very good about changing routines. And for the long time I have find a time to write a blog post for you. So “not managing everything” can really lead you to a good things : )

Why Urban grunge for the heading? Just for fun, I thought it might capture the right feeling on those images taken by my bestie.

Sweater / Lindex, Jeans, boots / Zara, tulle dress / Bershka
Vest / Riga, Stabu street 1