Raccoon 5 | Wine is bottled Poetry
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Wine is bottled Poetry

Hidden from the busy streets of central Tartu the small and cozy restaurant JOP Antonius is a trendy yet quiet place for leisurely evenings with friends and loved ones

Tartu has become one of my favorite cuisine cities in Baltic’s. I discover new dinner restaurants, hype places & coffee shops quite often while visiting city (thank you dear colleagues for keeping me up to date).
And the new place (new for me but not for Tartu since it’s been opened for a year or so) is the JOP Antonius coffee shop / restaurant.
I don’t usually value a good menu only, I am more an atmosphere and interior person. JOP suits very well in those two, it’s quiet and leisurely place with a little personal & artistic twist. I guess you can take the guitar that is placed in the corner of the hall and give it a try, nobody will ever bother you.. (didn’t try but the feeling was you can).
However, the foodies talk about food – as for vegan it was not a paradise although there was main course to choose from, a snack with hummus and a ratatouille, only 2 dishes but good enough. No dairy free milk for coffee though.
I would suggest this place for non vegans to go for a glass of wine, coffee and desert – On Top with a small but great selection indeed.